How Much Mold Exposure is Dangerous or Harmful? 


Mold Exposure

The general rule of thumb when gauging the amount of mold exposure can be harmful to an individual is calculate their age. There is no level of mold that is universally bad, or good, for all individuals. However, younger children and teenagers are more susceptible to the adverse side effects associated with mold rather than an older individual (18+). If a person has breathing related illnesses or asthma, they may also find their tolerance levels to mold are much lower than that of a healthy person. This due to the fact that most mold is air born and gets into the body through the air in which we breathe in.

Also, there are a wide variety of different molds that we come in contact with every day that cause us no medical harm. There are certain molds that contain mycotoxins that can prove to be harmful, even fatal, to our animals and pets. The individuals with the most risk with molds are people who have asthma and rely on an inhaler. Their genetic makeup is weaker to air born molds and will often find their sensitivity to the mold much greater than a healthy individual.

Checking within the linings of the walls, insulation, and wood within a house are your best course of attack. Many times mold can build up and get caught in these areas and go unnoticed by the inhabitants. Even though these molds may not be in the flow of air to effect our air quality, it's always safe to attack the situation before health risks arise.

Health Risks
The good news is that there is no correlation between mold in an individuals house and their health. Many people have the misconception that mold can be responsible for brain damage or even death if untreated. This is a false statement and there has been no clear cut relation between mold in a house and death.

However, studies have shown that damp environments, much like the ones mold thrives in, can generate bacteria. This bacteria can cause breathing issues and increase the likelihood that a person will experience health related issues in the future. The damp environment acts as a breeding ground for harmful bacteria to grow and spread throughout a home. The rule of thumb is if you can see the mold with your eyes, it's time to contact a professional.

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