When mold is discovered in your home or commercial space, professional remediation shouldn't be the last step. After all, how do you know that the problem was completely resolved unless you double-check? That's where post-remediation mold testing services from Common Sense Inspections can help! When your provider is finished with your mold remediation project, we'll come in with our mold inspection and testing services to ensure the issue is completely eliminated. Call now for post-remediation testing for mold in your home or business.

Our Post-Remediation Mold Inspection and Testing Process

Once you've had mold remediated in your business or home, bring in our mold testing company to confirm the job has been completed correctly. Common Sense Inspections has more than 35 years of experience providing accurate test results, and as a neutral, third party, we have no agenda when we come to your property for residential or commercial mold testing. We're here to provide you with an impartial, honest assessment regarding the presence of mold in your space, and our technicians are committed to helping you create the safest, healthiest possible space for your family or your company.

Don't just assume that the mold remediation process completely removed your property's mold problem. Know for sure with our mold testing company!

If your commercial or residential mold testing comes back positive, Common Sense Inspections can then recommend a qualified remediation contractor to help you address the situation. We always perform unbiased, accurate testing for mold in homes and businesses, so you can rest assured that the information we're providing is both comprehensive and correct.

Home Mold Testing and Much More

And remember, Common Sense Inspections offers more than just post-remediation mold testing. We are also available to provide inspections following other situations, including:

  • Fire damage restoration
  • Water damage restoration
  • Tobacco/smoke damage cleanup
  • And other post-remediation scenarios

Whether you're looking for home mold testing or inspection services after another type of cleanup, our technicians can provide you with the accurate, impartial results you need to assess the remediation outcome. Serving homes and businesses throughout the Seattle region, we are your qualified indoor environmental specialists. Call now for mold inspection and testing and so much more!