How Do I Get Rid of Mold in My Home?

The problem of mold build up is particularly common in old homes, vacated homes and around crawlspaces at home. The mold problem can also affect any other home if the right conditions are in place. Molds came in all sorts of colors; as part of nature, molds require three basic things to grow, source of food, moisture and time. Potential health problems and signs associated with mold build-up include; asthma, allergic reactions and respiratory complaints. Although you may need professional mold services to fix the issue; controlling the moisture content in an indoor area is a key preventative measure. The moisture content in the air is largely contingent on the existing air temperature. In a typical case, as the room temperature cools down or when moisture condenses under cold temperatures, a conducive environment for mold development is created.

Mold Prevention

Indoor air quality service experts can investigate and clear the mold problem in your premises. The first step is establishing the source of moisture; this is followed by a cleaning, sanitizing and drying off the affected zone. Left over materials that contain mold residues are then safely disposed. Homeowners can control minor mold problems by fixing leaks and slippages of water pipes entering or leaving the home.
Crawlspaces should be well ventilated while ensuring that they are covered to prevent moisture from getting into the house from the ground. Appliances such as kerosene heaters and humidifiers can be turned off in case there is a moisture build up in the window and other surfaces at home. Another easy and practical way to keep off mold, is by switching on air conditioners and dehumidifiers during humid or hot climates to minimize the level of moisture in the air.

Expert Assistance

Depending on the gravity of the mold contamination, homeowners or building managers can hire the services of mold professionals to address the problem on their behalf. The local area mold expert or contractor will provide you with a free quote and important facts about the subject. If the problem of mold contamination is serious, the mold inspector can study the structure of your building and recommend a number of preventative measures including installation of storm windows or increasing the level of insulation on the walls. These measures are designed to help raise the temperature of cold surfaces around the home; where moisture is likely to condense and cause mold build up.

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