Mold Safe Warranty

Free 90 day Mold|Safe warranty for up to $3000.00 for remediation if we miss a mold issue.

1. You will qualify for The MOLD|SAFE Guarantee coverage with a clear report after taking a minimum 1 Air-O-Cell for every 800-1000 sq. ft. in the property. For example, 2500sq. ft home would need would 4 air samples (1 outside and 3 inside).

2. If visible mold appears after the initial clear report, our MOLD| SAFE Guarantee will pay up to $3,000 towards remediation.

3. If the original mold report showed a mold problem and remediation is completed, Common Sense Inspections will still offer The MOLD|SAFE Guarantee against future occurrences of visible mold for 90 days.

4. Filing a claim is quick and easy, you will not have to wait or worry.

This Guarantee (MoldSafe) is serviced and underwritten by Residential Warranty Services (RWS) and is provided free of charge by your mold inspector as a part of their paid and completed home inspection. Details attached below.

B) We keep our inspection rates low and provide free bonus services. For example, all of our lab testing assessments include a free MoldSafe© service.

C) 100% money back guarantee on inspection cost. This means that the testing Fees are not refundable.

D) IR Camera available on every inspection

E) We can come out the same day if need to meet our clients time table.