When you need arsenic testing, call Common Sense Inspections! Serving Seattle and beyond, our team performs thorough arsenic testing services to help keep your commercial or residential property safe. Contact us now for accurate assessment of arsenic contamination.

Arsenic is a naturally occurring element that, when ingested, can make people sick. Arsenic can cause:

  • Drowsiness
  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Headaches
  • Other adverse symptoms

Long-term exposure can lead to cancer, nervous system deterioration, and other serious problems. Most people think of intentional poisoning when they think of arsenic, but most arsenic ingestion is accidental; arsenic in soil and rock can naturally contaminate both food and water.

How to Test for Arsenic

If people in your building are getting sick or you have other reason to suspect environmental contamination or arsenic in your drinking water, you'll want to have your property tested. Long-term exposure causes the most damage, so getting arsenic testing done sooner rather than later can make a big difference in the health of family members or employees.

Common Sense Inspections offers both surface and testing for arsenic in water. We provide complete, correct results and in-depth reporting so you understand the findings of our arsenic testing service. If you opt to test for arsenic in your water, our water testing services can also provide information on lead, bacteria, nitrites, and other contaminants as well as arsenic.

In most cases, we'll have the results of your arsenic test back in three to five business days. That means you get both accurate results and a fast turnaround! So why choose anyone else for professional arsenic testing? Call in Common Sense Inspections today.

If your surface or arsenic water test does turn up the presence of this contaminant in your home or business, we can recommend a qualified remediator to safely address the problem. So if you're wondering how to test for arsenic, the first step is to bring in our experts. Common Sense Inspections will put our 35 years of experience to work to check for arsenic contamination and then point you in the direction of a professional remediator if necessary. Contact us now to get started!