Your Los Angeles Arsenic Testing Services

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Arsenic, like any pollutant, can cause some serious health risks for your home and family. If left unchecked, you can run into danger. With the help of Common Sense Inspections, this will no longer be the case. We offer expert Los Angeles arsenic testing services that can be used to ensure that any traces are found and identified in no time.

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What is arsenic?

Arsenic is a naturally occurring chemical found in soil and in rock formations. It has many industrial uses including treatments for wood products, use in insect control, and use in car batteries. It is toxic to humans and can result in cancerous tumors and damage to the reproductive and cardiovascular systems.

With our expert Los Angeles arsenic testing solutions, this does not have to be the case. We are available for inspections whenever you need us, and we can ensure that your home is safe and pollutant free quickly and professionally.

How can it enter your home?

Arsenic can enter homes primarily via drinking water. Because arsenic is found in sand, gravel, and rock, any water that is collected from the ground (otherwise known as groundwater) has the potential to contain arsenic. People who drink well water may be particularly at risk of ingesting contaminated water.

Why is testing critical?

In the past, testing for arsenic in drinking water was difficult and expensive. The equipment that was used included devices such as spectrometers that caused a great deal of delay. Today, testing for arsenic is easier to do with the use of test kits that our professional testers use. With every test you can expect

  • Accurate results
  • Thorough inspections
  • Professional reporting
  • Effective solutions

Our experts work hard to perform the necessary services that your home needs to be arsenic free. Through our thorough inspections, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is in the best shape possible at all times.

What is the importance of professional services?

For anyone who is concerned about their water quality, it is important to contact a professional to perform the tests. We provide this service because we believe that our customers deserve the peace of mind that comes with having clean water. A professional arsenic test is important because it is more likely to be accurate, and it is also likely to be safer.

Because of the toxicity of the chemicals that are used in these tests, it is vital that the testing protocol is left up to professionals who are accustomed to handling them and knows how to take the proper precautions. We would be happy to test our customers’ water for arsenic to make sure it is safe for them to consume.

If you are concerned that your home is suffering from arsenic contaminations call us at (323) 372-2666. We will provide you with the very best Los Angeles arsenic testing services today!