Your Asthma Trigger Testing Services

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When you are trying to keep your family healthy, you must first look at the environment in your home. More often than not, there are multiple triggers that can exist. Getting rid of individual asthma triggers is much easier after a professional has tested the house. At Common Sense Inspections we can provide you with our expert Los Angeles asthma trigger testing services to help you get your home into an asthma free zone!

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What are some asthma triggers found in homes?

Everyone with asthma is set is off by different things, and it is hard for you to find them in your home on your own. A professional tester is looking for common asthma triggers when they begin the testing process. These triggers include:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Animal feces
  • Pet dander

These triggers can be found in many different parts of the home, and you need a professional to check for you. Our experts know where these items grow and can efficiently inspect your entire home to determine the source of these issues.

What is the testing process?

The testing process includes the use of professional equipment to measure what is in the air and the environment throughout your home. Once we thoroughly test your home, we will be able to provide you an extensive report of what asthma triggers exist in your home.

We will also educate you on how this can affect your home and give you advice on possible solutions you can have performed. Our goal is to always put our customers first, by providing them with expert education and advice in order to best solve their issues.

Why choose us?

At Common Sense Inspections we are dedicated to all of our customers. Not only because it’s our business, but also because we have a deep connection to asthmatic triggers. As asthma sufferers, we understand just how challenging this issue can be. As a result, we promise our customers the very best services on every call.

We will inspect your entire home and provide you with an extensive report of our findings. This will allow you to find an effective solution to get the environment in your home pristine for those suffering from asthmatic tendencies.

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