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If you are a homeowner in Los Angeles, home mold inspection from the area’s trusted professionals is just what you need to ensure that the air quality in your home is safe for you and your family. At Common Sense Inspections, we always provide our customers with a thorough inspection of their homes to keep them and their families safe. We are exposed to all kinds of different species of molds every day, and while many of them are harmless, at high levels some of them are not.

Toxic molds can grow in your home and cause serious damage to your health and the health of your loved ones. We offer personalized service to accommodate each customer’s individual needs. Since most “mold inspectors” work with remediation companies, the results can often be biased and misinterpreted. We only specialize in inspection services, so it is our priority to provide you with an honest, informed opinion, every time.

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What are the types and steps involved in a mold inspections?


Mold inspections could be roughly divided into three categories by their purpose:

Type of inspection Investigations Pre-Purchase/Rental Inspections Confirmations of Mold for a Insurance Claim
Situations when required When a client has a suspicion about mold in the building/unit or there is an evidence of mold in some place but its extent is not known. Usually customer's concerns are about health effects but could be about structural or aesthetic damage to the property Mold problem may or may not exist in the building. Buyer/renter wants to know about it and negotiate the price based on the results of inspection Client knows that mold problem exists (although you may not know how far it  has spread).This type is  an expert confirmation for insurance or legal claim. Typical cases are floods after natural disaster, tenants complaints about mold growth due to landlord's negligence from malfunctioning plumbing, roof leaks etc.
Specifics of inspection Finding all exact locations of mold contamination could be a challenge. However the fact that the customer has some idea about potential mold location makes this kind of inspections more straightforward than pre-purchase inspections Most laborious type of inspection requiring thorough investigation of the whole building/unit Straightforward, quick, does not require a lot of field expertise
Sample analysis? On-site, third party laboratory on request only On site, third party laboratory Third party laboratory
Time on-site 2-5 hours 3-7 hours 1-2 hours
Cost $285-$585  larger sq. ft. may require a higher fee. $700-$1000 + lab fees per sample ($100-$1000) $285-$585 + lab fees per sample ($100-$300, for fast turn around time has a higher fee)
CSI comments This is a type of inspections is where power of our thorough inspection and report helps. Although physical analysis often to be complimented by lab testing.  Our uniqueness is our reports. We produce reports that insurance companies  respect.

In reality there are situations when an inspection does not fall in one these categories but is mix of two or might be something of its own kind.

Any inspection starts with initial consultation including discussion of the problem or goal, visual observation of the property, some moisture measurements and sometimes microscopy of a couple of samples. Initial consultation should not take more than one hour. After that the inspector comes up with exact price for the full inspection. You decide whether or not you want to proceed with it. If not we charge $100 for the visit. However, there are exceptions – for example, the initial consulting fee is waived if the inspector comes to you right after doing a full inspection for your neighbor.

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When it comes to your home health, ensuring that you get the best solutions is always critical. That is why when you choose our experts, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the quality solutions you need and deserve. We will not only provide you with expert inspections, but also constructive and helpful advice that can let you make an informed decision about remediation services.

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