What Is Thermal Imaging?


Thermal imagining
is a non-invasive technology which enables inspectors to identify gaps in the doors, windows, floors, and walls through which energy is lost and air and moisture can enter the home and cause mold infestations and other problems. It can also help identify unexpected hot spots. The process is fast, simple, effective, and affordable and can end up saving homeowners untold amounts of money in energy costs, prevention of damage to the home, and health protection for both the residents and visitors.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging

Inspections done using thermal imaging are much more effective than conventional inspection methods. They can detect potential problems long before they can cause serious damage to the home and negatively affect the health of the people that live there. The information thermal imaging provides can be used to make the necessary repairs. Thermal imaging can help homeowners locate malfunctions in heating systems, air-conditioner leaks, broken window seals, and other framing and structural defects which can cause energy loss. It can also detect moisture intrusion from plumbing and roofing leaks.

Why Thermal Imaging Is Important

Thermal imaging can play a very important role in identifying problems in the home. It can save the homeowner money and help protect the health of the people who live in or visit the home. Wet insulation and moisture intrusion in the foundation can lead to the growth of mold and structural damage. The use of thermal imaging is a worthwhile investment for any homeowner. It can allow them to identify potential problems well in advance and take quick action if necessary. It can be the best thing a homeowner can do for their loved ones.

Why You Need an Experienced Inspector
Thermal imaging results can alert homeowners to problems with mold and moisture. This allows them to prioritize the repairs into the ones which must be done immediately and the ones which can be done at a later date. The safety of the homeowner and their family is the inspector's first consideration. A properly trained inspector with the latest thermal imaging equipment can make all the difference in the world. They can quickly spot potential problems in the home and deal with them effectively.

If you suspect you have leaks, unusually high heating costs, and potential mold infestation, call a trusted, experienced mold inspection company. One with the equipment and expertise to quickly identify problems and solve them.

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