Testing Services: What Are the Benefits of Thermal Imaging?



LA Mold InspectionThe advancement of science and technology has brought about many new ways to make life better and tasks easier.

Thermal imaging is one such technology that has proven to be very useful. It is used to find compromised areas of energy and electrical efficiency.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging is a night vision technology and works without any outside light. The technology can penetrate dense objects such as haze, fog and smoke. It is a technology that has proven quite useful in a variety of areas.

Thermal imaging works by detecting infrared energy, or heat, emitted by the object. It is important to keep in mind all objects emit heat and the hotter the object the more radiation it emits from the object.

A thermal imager or camera is used to detect the temperature difference. The camera collects the infrared radiation from the objects that appear in the scene. The process creates an electronic image that is based on the information regarding temperature differences. Objects are usually different temperature wise and will appear as distinct images in the profile.

Thermal images are typically grayscale. If an object is cold, the image is black and hot objects will appear as white. Objects emitting heat between cold and hot will appear as different depths of gray. Some of the newer thermal imaging units add color to help identify objects at different temperatures.

The Benefits of Thermal Imaging

The best thing about thermal imaging is it is a non-intrusive technology. It is non-destructive and allows an imaging survey to be completed without compromising activity. The technology makes the invisible visible.

Thermal imaging is completed in real time and has the ability to produce accurate, quick
LA Thermal Image Testingand immediate measurements. The process can be performed at a convenient time and tailored to the requirements of the program.

The technology can increase energy efficiency by identifying areas where energy is escaping due to gaps in the building. Thermal imaging can also identify areas where fires may be likely to break out as well as locate a fire that is burning inside a wall that cannot be seen.

Detecting Hotspots

An abnormal temperature is known as a hot spot and hotspots can mean problems. Thermal imaging can identify a problem area by showing the temperature of live electrical equipment running at full tilt. Using thermal imaging and identifying potential problem areas will save on costs and down time as a result of a hot spot compromising the field.

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