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Mold and you rights



Toxic Mold Lawsuit Claims | What you need to know about mold litigation and Lawyers

The effects of mold on the health and well being of individuals and destruction or property is nothing new.  According to biblical historians toxic mold or black mold was one of the original plagues to befall the pharaoh of Egypt for resisting Moses call for the freedom of the Hebrews from slavery.

Modern toxic mold litigation is a relatively new and ever-changing field in personal injury litigation.  Most injury lawyers don’t possess the requisite educational and experience driven background to understand the complexities of toxic mold litigation let alone attempt to litigate one.

If you believe there is a presence of mold in your house, condo or co-op unit, leased apartment unit or in your office you need to contact an attorney who will have the requisite knowledge base and persistence to fight for your rights.  Below is some useful information you should be aware of if any potential mold issue present themselves.

Have you tested for mold:  There are several tests which need to be conducted in order to decipher whether mold is present and what specific species of mold are present.  There are thousands of species mold ranging from species which are found in almost all environments in the world and pose little to no harm to toxic mold such as Stachybotrys which can cause allergic and asthmatic reactions in sensitive individuals.  You should test for both vile based sampling and well as air sampling in order to determine whether the mold is airborne.

Along with testing for mold one should test for mycotoxins which are toxic byproducts of mold.  For example  Stachybotrys mold produces mycotoxins which tmay be deleterious to your health including These trichothecenes roridan E, satratoxins F, G, and H, and verrucarin J.

Tests can be conducted by: Certified industrial hygienists, Indoor air quality specialists, or Mycologists specializing in toxic mold and or Microbiologists if other pathogens exist.

Are there any medical complications: Have you or your relatives residing in the home suffered any medical complications as a result of acute exposure or long term exposure to mold in the home.  There are many different medical complications which can develop including, Upper Respiratory Infections, Chronic and severe asthma, skin rashes and constant itching, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression.  In order to determine your illness and treat any medical complications resulting from airborne mold exposure one should seek medical attention from (1) Allergists and Immunologists (2) Dermatologists for skin conditions (3) Gastroenterologists specialize in stomach and intestinal disorders (3) Neurologists specialize in brain senses and behavior also known as neuropsychologist with expertise in cognitive defects (4) Certified physician specializing in environmental and occupational medicine (4) Otolaryngologists, ear, nose, and throat doctor. (5) Physiatrists specialize in musculoskeletal physical medicine and rehabilitation. (6) Pulmonologists specialize in lung diseases. (7) Radiologists specialize in the interpretation of X-rays and other radiographic data to diagnose various diseases. (8) Rheumatologists if joint pain exists (9) Toxicologists for the diagnosis and treatment of toxin exposures

Contact a Mold Litigation Lawyer:  Mold litigation is an arduous process requiring expert testimony, and high litigation costs. Most personal injury lawyer are not equipped to handle such Torts. Be sure to research your attorneys well as ask them specific questions regarding the litigation of toxic mold.

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