Help! There is Mold In My House!


If you have discovered mold in your home, you need to take action. This is a list of 10 things you need to do when you discover mold in your home.

1. See Your Doctor

If you have been feeling under the weather, suffering form allergies that do not seem to go away, extended headaches or anything else, check in with your doctor. You might have developed a more serious condition than just an allergic reaction to the model.

2. Home Tested

Sometimes what you believe is mold might not be mold. Have your home tested by a professional to see if it is mold and where all it is at.

3. Identify the Cause

To prevent the mold from spreading, you need to identify the cause of the mold.

4. Call Your Insurance Provider

There is a chance your insurance provider might be able to cover the cost of removing the mold from your home. It may depend on the cause and your particular policy, but this is always worth a phone call. It can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the long run.

5. Determine How to Remove It

If the mold is self contained and in one small area, you can probably remove the mold from your home yourself. However, if it is more extensive, you probably should go with the professionals to remove the mold.

6. Remove the Mold

If you are removing the mold yourself, make sure to practice all safety precautions and make sure to properly avoid contaminating the rest of the home with the mold. If you do not practice caution, the mold can spread to other rooms in the house. This is also why going with a professional mold removing company is often the best way to go.

7. Get Estimates
If you decide to go with a contractor, find out estimates from competing companies. If your insurance company is paying for it, they might require you to go somewhere specific, but always try to get the best price possible, whenever you can.

8. Look into Mold Removal

Read up on mold and mold removal. Even if professionals remove the mold, you need to know the warning signs that indicates the mold is coming back.

9. Retest Your Home

After the mold is gone, have your home retested to make sure.

10. Be Proactive

Stay on top of your mold prevention for the future.

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