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Your Pasadena Mold Testing Specialists

When you are managing your home, there are some things that you may miss because your house is so complicated. There could be mold growing in your house, but there is no way for you to know the mold is there without help. At Common Sense Inspections, we are a professional Pasadena mold testing company dedicated to providing our customers in and around the area with expert mold services.

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How can mold affect your home and health?

Your home and health are in danger when mold is growing in the space. You may not realize what is happening, but you will notice problems with your health or the health of your family members. You can develop a respiratory disorder, the people in your home will have a hard time breathing, and you may notice that people are falling ill quickly in the house.

Toxic mold can kill you, and it can spread throughout the house to affect even your pets. Additionally, mold can be a detriment to the foundations of your home as well as the drywall and flooring. We can provide you with effective Pasadena mold testing services to find the source of the mold quickly and efficiently.

What is the testing process?

When you have mold growing in your house, you may not realize that it is there. Also, you may not understand how far the mold has spread. Our experts can test not only the air in your home, but also the property as a whole. We will use the latest innovations to find any possible risk you may have in your home.

Once finished we will provide you with a thorough and comprehensive inspection report. This will provide you with the knowledge needed to hire a professional remediation company to help solve your mold issues once and for all.

Is there an asthma sufferer in your home?

One of the most common issues we see with homeowners are those suffering from asthma issue. While asthma can be an issue associated to health, the environment in your home is often the culprit. At Common Sense Inspections we understand how troubling this can be from personal experience.

As a result, we offer all of our clients expert Pasadena asthma trigger testing to help find the source of your health issues. We will provide you with a written report that will help you make a change to combat the risks of asthma.

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Samuel D.

Samuel D.

When it rains have your house checked for mold & moisture.

Near Casa Grande St, Pasadena, CA 91104
Pasadena, CA - When it rains have your house checked for mold & moisture.
Samuel D.

Samuel D.

Pre Purchase Real Estate Mold Clearance Inspection. Basement moisture issues cause mold.

Near Brandon St, Pasadena, CA 91107
Pasadena, CA - Pre Purchase Real Estate Mold Clearance  Inspection.  Basement moisture issues cause mold.
Quincy O.

Quincy O.

Near N Mar Vista Ave, Pasadena, CA 91106

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