Mold Inspection Apartment Drama

Let CSI mold inspect the mold right the first time


Rental Property Inspections

If you have an untrained person take your mold samples you will end up with more confusion and legal issues than answers. Many of today's "mold inspectors" are taking mold samples and not properly explaining what the results mean.

Recently, a property owner had a untrained technician, from another company, perform a mold inspection that he was renting out. The poorly trained tech took a surface sample in a bathroom where the tenant had seen a water stain. Then he took an air sample in the bedroom outside of the bathroom. The results came back and the owner and his tenant asked the tech what the numbers meant - he could not answer.

To make maters worse the technician scared the poor tenant so badly that he moved out! This situation ended up with both the owner of the home and the tenant almost hiring lawyers to represent them trying to get to the bottom of the results. We were called in to interpret the laboratory reports and both sides were relieved - it was a small problem.

Believe us, this kind of thing happens quite often. We have many stories of tenants moving out due to an incorrect evaluation of mold or a remediation plan that was over the top.

Our uniquely skilled and certified mold inspectors allows us to evaluate and resolve your indoor environmental problems in an efficient and cost effective manner.