The Dangers of Mold Hidden in Your Home


Los Angeles Mold InspectionOwning your own home can be an amazing experience that offers a variety of benefits and freedoms over renting, but there are a handful of issues that can cause problems. One of those issues is mold. You may not have any leaks, and you may not even know it is there, but mold can be a disaster if not properly treated.

Mold is made up of tiny spores that float throughout the air, inside your home and outside. They are everywhere, and they are normally harmless, and actually play an important role in nature by decaying fallen trees, leaves, and other organic matter. When you have wet spots inside your house, usually the result of a leaking roof, siding, or plumbing, mold spores will attach to those spots and begin multiplying, in turn decaying your home in the same ways it does outdoors.

Los Angeles Home InspectionWhile seemingly an easy situation to avoid, the problem is most leaks are not visible, as the water normally leaks in your attic, in between your walls, or underneath your flooring. This gives mold ample opportunity to attach, spread, and begin to do significant damage to your home, without you even knowing. That is why it is important to always be on the lookout for damage to your home and always be aware of leaks, even the small ones.

Home damage is not the only problem mold can cause, nor is it the most significant. If your house has mold, it can also cause issues with your health. Mold produces allergens that commonly cause hay-fever type symptoms, such as red itchy eyes, sore throat, sneezing and possibly skin rashes. All of these symptoms can be immediate, or delayed, after coming in contact with mold. Mold also has been reported to incite asthma attacks in people suffering from asthma.

The best way to avoid a mold outbreak in your home is to be proactive. If you have any dripping faucets, old roofing, or leaky seals around bathtubs, these are all examples of issues that need to be repaired to avoid an outbreak of mold. If you procrastinate, the damage will be far worse, much more expensive, and more importantly, could affect your family's health.

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