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Lead poisoning is a silent epidemic that's shown up in startling frequency throughout the United States. It can have very severe impacts on your health and should be treated with care and professionalism. Lead abatement is something that under no circumstances should be performed at home as a do-it-yourself project because of the implications that can arise if it's not properly removed. At Common Sense Inspections we can provide you with expert Los Angeles lead inspection services to determine whether or not this issue is plaguing your home.

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How does lead affect your health?

Lead poisoning, even in low levels, can cause very serious health risks for those living in your home. This can include issues such as:

  • Lead poisoning
  • Blood infections
  • Respiratory issues
  • Birth defects
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Coma

Because of the severity of these possibly symptoms, it is always a good choice to hire a professional. We offer experienced Los Angeles lead testing that can be used to find any trace of lead that may be present in your home. This can help prevent serious health damage or even death.

How can you tell if this issue is present in your home?

While having a house built before 1978 is a good indicator of the possibility of lead being present in your home, there are a few other things you can look out for. Of course, when in doubt, it's always best to consult our professional lead abatement specialists to ensure your family isn't being dangerously exposed to lead.

One area where lead can be common is in your homes paint. Lead based paint was used in the past and can still be present in older homes. This can cause you to come in contact with it on a daily basis, leading to some very serious health risks.

Another area where you can struggle with lead is within your plumbing. Old piping and fixtures may contain traces of lead that can contaminate your home. While these issues may not be obvious to the naked eye, and expert lead inspection can help determine whether or not your home is suffering from lead contamination.

Why hire a professional for these services?

Lead removal can be a risky business. Not only are you unearthing decades worth of potentially unsafe building materials, but also you're taking the risk of aerosolizing it during removal. When you hire us, we will thoroughly inspect your home to determine exactly where your issues lie. We will then write a through report to ensure that the removal is performed perfectly, keeping your home and family safe.

Lead is a serious danger to your home and family. Call us at (323) 372-2666 and get expert Los Angeles lead services for your home today!