Deciding to have your property inspected for mold is a crucial step toward a healthy home or working environment. But when you want true peace of mind from your mold inspection results, be sure to choose a certified mold specialist, not a mold remediation company, to handle the testing process. The reason for this is simple: An independent mold inspector does not stand to profit from performing mold cleanup services. Thus, you can count on an honest and unbiased assessment of your property’s condition in terms of how much mold is found and what steps need to be taken. At Common Sense Inspections Inc., we’re a dependable choice to be your mold detection team thanks to our 35 years of experience and our strong focus on providing top-quality customer care. We work diligently to carry out each aspect of your mold inspection service, including: An upfront, professional consultation Thorough mold and moisture screening Lab sampling of any red-flag areas Detailed reporting on findings Recommendations for mold removal Follow-up mold inspection after remediation completion As you can see, we help you avoid any conflict of interest between your mold inspection provider and your mold cleanup contractor. In fact, we come back after any mold remediation steps are taken to retest for mold and verify that the area is now mold-free. So don’t take chances when it comes to the proper mold inspection process. For results you can trust in Los Angeles and beyond, put in a call to Common Sense Inspections Inc. today!