Why Is Mold Testing so Important?


Mold InspectionSince mold is often unseen, unsuspecting homeowners do not have an idea that their house actually has a major infestation of this organism. That is why it is important to undergo mold testing every once in a while. You can avoid major diseases that could affect your family because of the presence of these spores inside your home.

Can Mold Cause Major Diseases?

There is currently no correlation between mold, particularly black mold, and the onset of serious respiratory diseases in infants and children. However, black mold is toxic and is one of the suspected culprits in the development of serious lung complications in humans. Common types of mold that are considered less toxic than black mold can also cause problems as well. The spores that are released by the mold can cause complications like severe allergic reactions in people who have insensitivities to these microorganisms.

The answer is no, mold does not cause major diseases but can still cause enough damage to be problematic. If you have a major mold population growing in your home, you will have millions of unseen microorganisms floating around in the air. You and your children could be at risk of ingesting these small organisms and suffering the effects of exposure if you do not have your house tested for mold infestation. Severe allergic reactions can be severe and cause further health problems if not treated.

There are several reasons you should get rid of mold in your home. Some insurance companies have now introduced exclusions in their coverage to not allow compensation for people who have problems that arise from a major mold infestation.

LA Mold TestingHow is Mold Tested?

A home is tested using a complete three-point mold testing system. There are air, surface, and bulk tests that can be done in order to confirm the existence of mold in your household. After the mold has been collected, they are then grown or cultured in a laboratory in order to determine the species that you have inadvertently been culturing in your own home. Meanwhile, you should proceed to hire a mold removal service in order to get rid of these microorganisms once and for all.

Home testing kits are also available. You can purchase testing kits from a reputable mold testing company, take mold samples, and send them back to the company for testing. However, you will be better off letting a professional handle the mold testing because they are more knowledgable on how and where to collect mold.

If you suspect that mold has a major presence in your home, call a mold testing professional now and have your home tested.

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