How Often Should I Inspect My Home For Mold?


Inspecting a home for mold
depends on factors such as climate you live in, such as experiencing a lot of rain, or leaks that the home has needed costly repairs, or damp basements that have flooded in the past. Usually there will be odors of mildew that may alert you about possible mold build-up. Most of the time when selling a home would be the best time to have it inspected in case of repairs needed to be done before the sale.

Otherwise, 5 years between inspections can be a regular inspection process. Professional home inspectors can detect any odors or mold that may be building behind drywall or creating moisture turning into mold.

Professional inspectors will also inspect any crawl spaces where most people don't inspect on a regular basis. The more regular the inspections take place the easier and less costly the repairs will be.

Who To Call?

While it may not take a lot of skills to repair, try to consider professional advice on repairs. It becomes much harder for inspectors to make good detailed inspections on homes that have not been inspected in years.

Mold can cause health issues, and should not be ignored. Mold also grows fast and can continue to cause further damage to a structure. Walls that bow, can collapse, and anything like mirrors, or pictures will not hand as steadily as they should on a weak wall structure. Walls may needed replacing to remove any mold growing behind them.

Mildew also causes poor air quality and odors that can harm health, such as allergies, respiratory, and digestive problems, rashes, and asthma to name a few.
More serious conditions can develop due to living in a damp environment and bacteria from mold.

Because mildew is not always visible, regular home inspections are recommended to keep a healthy living environment from any damp or mold growing in your home, basement or under cabinets.


Professional inspectors can provide advice and inspections to keep your home safe and mold free. And advise you of any structures that may need replacing and damage has created a health hazard in your home.

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