All About Getting An Inspection

Samuel Dixon is a mold inspector at C.S.I. Mold, a company that specializes in helping residents in the Los Angeles area with state-of-the-art mold inspections. In this series of articles, Dixon answers some of the most commonly asked questions about mold and what to do if you have this potentially harmful problem.

You Have Mold, Now What?

If you suspect you have a mold problem, it’s time to call in the expert. Here’s a cheat sheet on what a thorough mold inspection should entail, and what do after the visit.

What are the Steps of Mold Inspection and Remediation?

Tips on How to Keep Mold Out of Your Home

With mold spores floating in the air, it’s easy for mold to gain a toehold in your home. Follow these three easy steps and limit your exposure to the problem.

Signs You Have a Serious Mold Problem

You have a mold problem if you have moisture issues, leaks, funky odors around the house, and discoloration of building materials. Then, it is time to call in a mold inspection professional.