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Your Hollywood Mold Testing Specialist

Mold is one of the scariest health risks that homeowners have to worry about. Instead of presenting an obvious threat, mold often hides undetected by homeowners. Even though it cannot always be seen, it can cause significant problems to homes and their occupants. Through the use of our expert Hollywood mold testing services, we can help you ensure that your home is safe from all of these pollutants.

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How can mold affect you?

  • Allergies - Many people are allergic to mold. Some of those people who have allergies to mold can actually become ill enough to require a trip to the hospital from mold exposure. Think about that the next time you are tempted to shrug off the dangers of mold.
  • Bad for Asthma Sufferers - Anyone who has asthma will suffer greatly if they live in a home that has mold. Not only can it cause lung damage, but also it can create a very active environment for asthma flares.
  • Permanent Lung Damage - Even people with good health can be hurt by prolonged exposure to mold. In fact, those who are exposed to mold over a significant time period can even experience permanent lung damage.
  • Coughs, Colds, & Respiratory Infections - All of these health problems can result from exposure to mold in homes. These problems can also develop into serious lung problems in those with compromised immune functions.
  • Damage to Your Home - Mold not only damages the occupants of a home; it also damages the home itself. Mold can rot away nearly anything, including the lumber in the walls. It is especially good at damaging fabrics, wallpaper, curtains and other soft fibers in a home.

How is testing performed?

Testing for mold is best done by the professionals. We first do a visual inspection to look for the presence of mold in a home. We do sampling of both the air and surfaces of the home to determine whether or not there is mold in the home.

We will then send these samples to be tested in a lab to help you determine exactly what types of risks exists in your home. Additionally, our experts will explain the results to you to ensure that you will be able to make the best choice to solve these issues.

Why hire a professional?

When you are dealing with something that presents a significant hazard like mold, you do not want to mess around. You need to get in touch with the experts at Common Sense Inspections at the first sign of trouble. We will quickly diagnose and inspect your home to determine what type of mold exists in your home.

We will also provide you with a thorough and professional report that will allow you to make a decision on the actions you need to take in your home. Through our professional help, you wont have to worry about the health risks associated with mold and other pollutants in your home.

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