Hidden Mold: One Health Mystery Solved

What you don't see can hurt you.

Image: Idea go / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

We have performed investigative work for people with skin rashes, headaches, infections, eye irritations, and more. One particular customer was an energetic screen writer for a TV show that everyone would recognize. This particular guy just could not understand why he was tired, having headaches and could not keep his nose from running. The condition progressed for an extended period of time.

Doctors looked him over and could not find any one cause for what ailed him. Nothing worked, and it was getting to be a serious financial risk as well because he need to finish a movie script in three weeks and he could not concentrate while he was in his office. He contacted Common Sense Inspections on a hunch to check the small mold spot he found above his office's bathroom window. He spent most of his time writing in his office, and just wanted to know if there might be a connection.

Well,  it was just a small spot! Within minuets of investigating, we found hidden mold behind the wall paper. His office was full of Stachybotrys (commonly called Black Mold by the media) among others. We tested the air and found a significant problem pointing to that specific mold. Stachybotrys is a sticky mold and does not easily become airborne - in this case, it was everywhere. The air sampling and the owner's knowledge of the past leaks helped us track the inner walls where the water was trapped and undetected. Opening the wallpaper led to the discovery of a massive amount of the black mold.

Checking back with the owner a few months after he moved to a new office - he said he was back at work writing those screenplays and his energy returned. By the way, he finished his move script too.

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