The worst indoor environmental problems are often hidden from the naked eye. While you may experience evidence of water intrusion, mold buildup, or structural decay in your home, it can be extremely difficult to deal with these issues when you can't see precisely where—or how bad—they are.

At Common Sense Inspections Inc., we're committed to helping you locate and remediate these hidden issues. Serving Los Angeles, we use the latest technology to detect, identify, and remove threats to the safety of your indoor environment.

One of the best tools in our arsenal is state-of-the-art thermal imaging. Using these specialized scanners, our team is able to detect even slight variations in temperature in any part of your home, even if we can't physically reach it. Our trained technicians can then determine if the heat signature is part of the ambient environment, or if it's a sign that something is wrong. We also have the practical experience to know where to look for problems, even if there are not yet any visible signs on the surface.

Using thermal imaging, Common Sense Inspections Inc. can detect hidden:

Mold growth
Wood decay
Insect, rodent, or other pest activity
Leaks or water damage

Once we know the location and extent of the problem, we can advise you regarding remediation to help you return your home environment to its optimal state.

For a truly complete home inspection that can see below the surface, call the pros at Common Sense Inspections Inc. today! We are your go-to resource for thermal imaging services in Los Angeles.