Are you moving into a new house, apartment, or office space? Before you get settled, it's a good idea to schedule an indoor air quality inspection. Mold spores and other contaminants in the air can cause serious health problems—and you might not realize you've been inhaling these hazardous substances until it's too late. Testing before you occupy the space can allow for prompt remediation of any issues and save you from facing potentially major side effects to your health. In and around Los Angeles, you can count on Common Sense Inspections Inc. for accurate indoor air quality testing. We use state-of-the-art tools including electronic moisture meters, infrared scanning, and laser particle counters in order to locate pollutants such as: Mold and bacteria Pesticides Formaldehyde Asbestos Lead Radon Thanks to our 35 years of experience in our industry, we'll be able to pinpoint any air quality issues and recommend the best course of action, such as professional mold removal. Once the appropriate steps have been taken to resolve the problem, you can move into your building with peace of mind, able to literally breathe easy in the space. Ready to learn more about indoor air quality inspection? Call Common Sense Inspections Inc. today to book your appointment!