Worried that your property may have a mold problem? When you have a mold inspection performed, make sure it shows the full picture of your home's or commercial property's mold situation.
For accurate mold testing, it's best to combine both surface and air sampling. That's because each type of test only shows part of your property's mold problem. Surface molds can be relatively easy to spot, as there is often associated discoloration and staining. But if your mold inspector only tests for these types of surface molds, they could be overlooking a whole bunch of other mold issues. Mold air testing works to help expose mold that is not as easy to spot, such as mold growth in heating and cooling ducts or even mold that is growing behind walls and on furniture.
At Common Sense Inspections Inc., we offer both surface sampling and air sampling to make sure we have evaluated your property in its entirety. We also offer infrared thermal inspections that can help detect moisture—and thus potential mold causing issues—inside walls and other hidden areas. This enables our experts to develop a truly complete picture of your property's condition. Comprehensive mold detection is your first step toward effective remediation and a healthier indoor environment.

Common Sense Inspections Inc. is here to make sure your mold tests are as thorough as possible, providing you with the maximum knowledge to get your home or commercial property on the road to better health. Call today to learn more about our mold testing process or for additional information on the benefits of combining air and surface mold sampling!