Why Should I Inspect My Home For VOCs?


VOC InspectionVolatile organic compounds (or VOCs) at room temperature are high vapor pressure organic chemicals. A low boiling point generates the high vapor pressure that causes molecules in high numbers to evaporate or convert from the compound’s liquid or solid form entering surrounding air. Because of this, it is highly important to remember the annual VOC Testing services required.

Some VOCs endanger human health or cause environmental harm. For example, anthropogenic VOCs must be regulated by law. These VOCs are caused by humans in day-to-day living, an example of which are excessive greenhouse gasses. While VOCs may be harmful but not heavily toxic, they can have a significant negative effect over the long term to human health. This happens because VOC concentrations are low as a rule and symptoms develop slowly.

VOCs are many and varied and found everywhere in their naturally occurring or manmade chemical compounds. Imagine VOCs even in the wall paint in each room of a home or in cooking air – even in upholstery, foam mattresses and plastic toys. Interestingly, VOCs produce most odors and scents! There have been concentrations of VOCs found in sewage collection systems having the capability to cause explosive conditions. The reality of the danger of VOCs can be measured much like a dangerous something glowing in the dark.

A Home Inspection or Indoor Air Inspection Service To Determine Air Quality

InspectionsEvaluating air quality in the home is a right step in ensuring healthy air and good health. It also allows one to know more about the space in which they are living with certainty. If you are not a homeowner but looking to buy, interested in selling a home, or a condo owner, an air quality check to make sure home air is a healthy “breathable” is so smart!

How Air Quality Checks Are Performed by Home Inspectors or Indoor Air Service Professional

An air sample is taken and the paperwork and shipping of the air sample is handled by the inspector or air service professional. Initial recommendations will be given for air quality improvement. The homeowner or prospective buyer will receive an analysis that is easy to understand and inclusive. The total VOC and mold levels will be provided along with the high-reading VOC, and a plan of action will be furnished. The air sample test results are delivered within days. Air quality checks are not expensive; the air quality assessment will include mold growth also. At an additional cost the homeowner can receive a chemical analysis in detail in the event of excessive VOC levels.

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