Some property owners think picking the same company to provide both mold testing and mold remediation makes sense. After all, you only have to work with one company to get both services, so you'll come out ahead, right? Well, that isn't always the case. You're actually better off using separate companies for mold inspection and any necessary mold remediation services. That's because using the same company for both creates a conflict of interest. If the company also stands to make money by treating or removing mold from your property, then they have an incentive to "find" mold during their testing and inspection process. At Common Sense Inspections Inc., that's not how things work. We ONLY offer mold testing and inspection services, not remediation. That means we have no incentive to overstate a minor mold issue just to increase the scope of remediation work required and no motivation to "uncover" a non-existent mold problem. Our team will accurately and completely test for mold and honestly report the findings. We're happy to provide information about the mold remediation required, recommended steps, and other implications of our mold test results. But we are not a mold remediation company, nor do we have affiliations with any mold remediators. Our mold tests are unbiased, so you get an independent result and an objective opinion. So when you want mold testing services that only have your best interests at heart, you want an independent mold inspection company on the job. You want Common Sense Inspections Inc. Call today for more information or to get started on your home mold test.