Asthma Triggers 101


LA Mold Inspection What Are Some of the Triggers?

There are several very common asthma triggers in the home; some that people may not even realize are what triggers an attack.

Dust and mildew are the most common culprits for an asthma attack in any home, no matter how clean it may be; for dust can be blown in through open windows or doors, heater vents and air conditioners.

Mildew forms wherever there is a moist, dark place for it to grow; such as around baseboards, in attics or basements.

Though many people may not realize it, insects and roaches can cause asthma attacks as well. Unfortunately, it is very easy for them to come in from outdoors by climbing on peoples' clothing or shoes, entering through vents, drains or open windows and doors.

Another trigger that is normally found outside is pollen. Pollen is produced by trees, grass and other plants and as such, it can be extremely difficult to avoid.

Paint, air fresheners and cleaning supplies can trigger an asthma attack as well, because they usually have heavy scents that can irritate an individual suffering from asthma. In addition, if someone has severe asthma, perfumes and lotions can trigger an attack as well.

Preventative Factors to Take

Perfume, lotion, air fresheners and cleaning supplies are the easiest triggers to avoid. An individual should look for natural cleaning supplies that have no odor; air fresheners should not be used at all.

Unscented lotions should be purchased and perfume should not be worn. The only precautions a person with asthma can take in regard to paint is they LA Asthma Triggersneed to make sure there is proper ventilation and to keep their nose and mouth covered.

Insects and cockroaches can be difficult to deal with, as odor-free insecticide sprays can be very hard to find.

However, an alternative to sprays is diatomaceous earth, which is a completely natural insecticide powder that can be used indoors and outside.

However, because it is a very fine dust, the asthma suffer should not be in the vicinity when the earth is being used. Insect or roach bait and traps may be helpful, though they are not always guaranteed to work.

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