What are the Health Effects of Mold Exposure?


How Does Mold Affect Your Health?

There are many different varieties of mold that can be found in homes, and each can have a different effect on your health. Some people are particularly sensitive to mold.

Exposure can lead to eye irritation, sneezing, and congestion in for those people. It is also possible to be allergic to mold; in those cases the reaction will be more severe. In the case of people with obstructed lungs, exposure to mold in the home can lead to mold infections in the lungs themselves.

The severity of the physical symptoms caused by mold depends on a number of factors. The sensitivity of the person exposed, the severity of the growth, the amount of time exposure lasts, and the variety of mold all play important roles in how negative mold exposure will be to health.

Prolonged exposure can lead to upper respiratory tract symptoms, coughing and wheezing in otherwise healthy people, and severe reactions in asthmatics or people with compromised immune systems. Some rare varieties of mold can cause severe harm or even death given enough exposure.

How Can Mold be Stopped?

Mold can be extremely stubborn. Only a small portion of the original mold needs to survive cleaning in order to spread again. Spores can be spread throughout buildings and will begin growing wherever possible.

When exposure to mold can have long-lasting, negative effects on your respiratory function and physical comfort, it is best to thoroughly eradicate the problem. Professional mold removal is a safe, sure way to completely remove mold. While there are tips available for treating mold growth yourself, many of those methods are short term, ineffectual, or not aggressive enough to fully eliminate the mold.
Drawing upon the expertise of professional mold removers will grant you peace of mind that comes from knowing that your building is truly clean. In cases of reoccurring mold infestation, experts will also be able to recommend ways to prevent future outbreaks.

When your decisions will directly impact people's health, do not wait for a treatment you found online to possibly work. Act as quickly and decisively as possible as soon as mold is found, and call the experts.

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